About Minerva Mills

Minerva Mills is a major producer of wheat flour in Rajasthan. Our brand is extremely well regarded and known for its dedication to providing a quality and wholesome product that adheres to the strictest controls on quality. Minerva Mills is widely preferred by bakeries in Eastern regions of India. With a daily production capacity of 450 metric tons per day, Minerva Mills is increasingly gaining recognition within the general Indian flour market, where there is a growing demand for our products.

Our Vision

We manufacture food that is safe, nutritious and wholesome. We take the effort of understanding  customer’s requirements, at every step, to ensure that we meet their expectations.We are committed to creating a healthy work environment for our employees and continually encourage them to learn new skills and share ideas

Our Quality

Our products are known for their quality, consistency and timely supply. That is why we have international food chains, star hotels and mechanised bakeries as few of our key customers. We cater to wholesale grain markets across Rajasthan. Our unique methodology of milling, and commitment to quality enables us to introduce new and improved products for our customers, regularly.

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